Frank Holt, Certified Webmaster
The Reality of Website Success
Your mobile-friendly, responsive website is a good start but its a far cry from being successful in today's mobile-centric world. Successful companies (possibly your competitors) have adopted a "Mobile First",  "User First" strategy championed by Google. The web has always been about the message. Delivering your message is of paramount importance, the delivery vehicle (your website) is of secondary importance. Unfortunately, the web development industry has lost sight of this, thinking the website is the message.
The rapid proliferation of smartphones has caused several industry-leading companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter to take a fresh look at the web and propose new guidelines. My colleagues and I at Alpha Group Software have embraced many of these new concepts. For us, it's a Mobile First, User First strategy as we guide our clients toward Website success.
Website success is a six-step process.
Alpha Group Software we have a simple, pragmatic philosophy. Its all about your message and it's our job to help you deliver it to qualified prospects in a cost-effective manner.