I build successful WordPress websites by following Google's best practices and listening to my clients.

I will help you develop your content as a ..."what's in it for me, right now" message for your website visitors.

Why work with me?

I am a semi-retired web developer / certified webmaster, with 29 years of experience building websites of all types. I am a full-stack developer, but I prefer to build fast landing pages and simple, information websites, using WordPress and Oxygen Builder. Oxygen is an exceptional tool for efficiently building very fast WordPress websites. It doesn't use themes, everything can be just the way you want it. The WordPress landing pages and websites I build are not burdened by the performance-robbing bloat associated with popular general-purpose themes.

My ideal clients have a clear understanding of their goals, which minimizes time-consuming indecision. This keeps costs down more than any other factor. If you need Internet business consulting services I am happy to help and share my experience with you, but it will expand your project costs.

How do I price my services?

If you are well organized and have your content prepared, WordPress landing pages and one-page websites typically cost between $175 and $300.  Simple, multi-page information websites will run in the $400 to $1,200 range. 

After we discuss your project, I will quote you a fixed price. Everything I do has a money-back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Consider a managed website

My fully managed, business website special. $100 upfront then $50/month. You get a five-page WordPress/Oxygen, hosted website where we make your content changes for you and promote your website to the search engines. One, low monthly fee and your place on the internet is assured.

Mobile-First Philosophy

In today’s world, a large percentage of your visitors will be viewing your web pages on a mobile device.  Unfortunately, a typical “responsive” web page isn’t good enough. For the best user experience, your content must be written to consider small-screen viewing and finger navigation. My pages detect screen size and have the ability to deliver unique content tailored exclusively for mobile devices. A quality mobile experience is far too important to ignore.

More thoughts on web success

Why landing pages are important?

Slow-loading web pages almost guarantee failure

Mobile users dominate the internet, so focus your attention on their user experience. A slow-loading web page almost guarantees failure to deliver your message. Google tells us that 53% of mobile users will have already abandoned your web page by the 3-second point in the load cycle. Slow loading pages contribute to a wasted advertising budget.

Landing pages should enhance your message

The landing page/website should only enhance the delivery of your message. Use only images and graphics that support your message. Don't lose sight of your goal by getting carried away with visual entertainment or artistic design. 

Mobile First and User Experience Strategy

Deliver your message in a few seconds

Mobile users, read web content differently. Most people using a mobile phone are also engaged in another activity, walking down the street, waiting for a table, sitting at a traffic light... etc. You don't have their full attention, so you need to deliver your message quickly. They like to read short headlines followed by text that can be consumed in a few seconds.

Googlebot - friend or foe?

You have two audiences for your message, People using the Internet and the Google AI robot. Don't fall for extreme SEO strategies that attempt to influence Googlebot.

Forget about the Google robots. Prepare your content to influence the human visitors. Google has spent millions perfecting its AI robots to help them think like humans. The best way to impress them is to create your content for human consumption. Flatter the AI robot, treat it like a human visitor.

Quality content, the secret for success

Spend your time and energy developing and fine-tuning your message. It should be highly focused, on a singular goal, the call to action.

Organic Search Results vs Paid Ads

Pay-per-click Ad Success

Getting qualified traffic is easy if you understand the cycle.

  • Start your story in the ad.
  • Continue the story on a fast landing page.
  • Present a clear call to action.

All projects include

  • Fixed prices quoted upfront.
  • My designs employ Google's "mobile-first" and User Experience" strategies.
  • You may designate your content as unique to desktops and mobile devices.
  • I will train you to edit your own content with a "screen share" online one-on-one training session.
  • 3 months of free high-performance, managed, SSL hosting with daily backups, then $197/year.
  • Free revisions during the first 3months.
  • A lifetime Oxygen Builder license, with updates.
  • SEO optimization and submission to Google via an XML site map. 
  • WordPress Landing pages and simple websites typically score in the high 80s on the Google test.


Tell me about your project.

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