How to promote your website, SEO, Social Media or Ads?
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When asked this question I usually respond with how quickly do you want to see results? PPC ads can give you immediate results but they are costly and require a well thought out, very fast, landing page with a clear call to action. Linking to the front page of a slow WordPress is generally a waste of money.

From a practical perspective you need:
  • Basic SEO, combined with quality content.
  • A consistent social media presence.
  • Focused PPC Ad - landing page combinations.
What is basic SEO?  It is quality content, written in a mobile-friendly format employing heading tags whenever it practical. All Pages should have carefully crafted titles, descriptions and structured data. This is the bare minimum and generally enough for most local small business websites.
If you want to carry this one step further check out this video by Neil Patel.

Which social media platforms should I use? The big five are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram with the choice and emphasis based on your intended audience. Social media takes a lot of time and dedication. For it to be effective you must be consistent with your postings. Posting something every day is a big task but that's how the successful companies do it. 

Before starting a PPC campaign ..understand your keywords and study your competitors. Long-tail keywords cost less per click and convert better. You may want to read some of the PPC strategy training material available at both Google and Bing.
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