Building a new website.
Strategy / Nov 5th, 2019 10:43 am     A+ | a-
When contemplating a new website most "web developers" will generally offer you only one choice of technology platform, usually, WordPress, because its popular with many prebuilt templates (themes) but your business may be ready for something more sophisticated and most importantly a solution that works exceptionally well with mobile devices.

What website technology choices and available and why should I care?

Basically websites are built on a platform (WordPress), framework (Bootstrap) or from scratch (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP and MySql). There thousands of free or low-cost templates (pre-built websites) available for all popular platforms and frameworks, drastically reducing the cost of building a run of the mill website. Your technology choice should be based on your business goals and budget. What is a "ballpark" estimate for having a simple informational website built? One that allows the website owner to manage their own content. 
  • $1,200 for WordPress
  • $2,500 for Bootstrap
  • $4,000 custom, built from scratch.
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