Which is better Facebook Advertising or Google Advertising?
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Which is better Facebook Advertising or Google Advertising?
They work on completely different principles. Facebooks Ads are shown to Facebook members that meet a complex set of parameters selected by the advertiser. Its a passive activity for the Facebook member. Google Ads are shown only when the visitor enters a keyword search that matches the keyword phrases subscribed to by the advertiser, an active process.
So which is better? It depends on the goal of the advertiser and the search term.
For example, the advertiser owns a craft supply store. Facebook knows a great deal about their members. If they know a member is interested in scrapbooking, because the member belongs to a Facebook Group on scrapbooking, and the craft store advertiser has a prepared ad featuring scrapbooking supplies they will serve the ad, hoping it will spark the interest of the member to click on the ad. The Facebook member did not set out looking for scrapbooking supplies, the Ad was passively presented to them.
Meanwhile, over at Google someone searches on the phrase "scrapbook filler pages" and Google serves an Ad about scrapbook filler pages there is a high probability the visitor will click because they are actively searching for them and more importantly they have declared their interest to purchase the item by the search term employed.
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