How to get twice as many leads for the same Google ad spend.
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Speed = Success

More than 60% of web visitors use smartphones. 54% of Smartphone users will abandon your web page if it fails to load in 3 seconds. At 4.5 seconds you will lose 65% of your visitors. A slow landing page means that less than half the leads you paid for will read your message. Those expensive $2/per click ads are really costing you $4 or more. This is a simple problem to fix, link your ads to a very fast landing page and present your message to everyone that clicks.

How effective is your message?

Mobile website visitors behave differently than desktop visitors. They tend to skim the content, not committing their full attention, because they are usually engaged in some other activity while surfing the web, so you have to write with a little different style.

Landing page content should be tailored to the display environment. Create different content for mobile phones and desktops. Alpha Group software landing pages allow every piece of content to selectively display as, mobile-only, desktop-only and both.

A call to action appropriate to the medium.

Every landing page needs a clear and concise call to action. On a mobile phone, a click to call or a click to text is often appropriate but these buttons make no sense on a page designed for a desktop.
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