*** $197 super fast mobile friendly website / Landing Page***
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This is a  simple, inexpensive, solution to ensure you get all the traffic you are paying for without making changes to your existing website.

Custom, responsive landing page / one-page website using Google's Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) framework. We guaranteed a Google performance test score better than 93% with less than a 2.5-second speed index and eligibility for search results delivered directly from the Google AMP cache.

This is what you get for $197...

-- A graphic header - provided by you or we will make a simple one from your sketch.
-- Six sections each with a headline and text block, these may be the expanding type.
-- Three responsive photo sections, each with a caption.
-- Sections may be designated to display, mobile-only, desktop-only or both.
-- Call Now and Text Now buttons - active when viewed on a mobile device.
-- Social Media sharing buttons.
-- A call to action contact form with up to 5 fields with the results sent to you by email.
-- Submission to Google via the search console using an XML site map.
-- Free hosting for 90 days then $60/year, or you may load it on your own server.

How to work with us...
-- Make a simple sketch of your page, number each section and photo.
-- Create a document with numbered text items and photo captions.
-- Provide your contact information with a phone number for calls and text messages.
-- Attach your header graphic, photos, text document, and email to webpage@agsw.com

This $197 website/landing page is a terrific bargain and a good deal for both of us if we can stay focused and not request too many changes, think of it as a partnership and the possible start of a long term business relationship.

A note from the CEO.

We are a small US company that has built hundreds of websites, both complex and simple since I built my first client website in 1993. In the last couple of years, we have specialized in high-performance mobile-first websites utilizing Google's Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) technology.

Most small businesses are wasting more than half their advertising budget by linking their Google Ads to slow, WordPress websites where impatient mobile visitors abandon a page if it doesn't load in less than 2.5 seconds. According to Google's published statistics. 60% of Google searches are from mobile phones and 53% of these users have abandoned a loading page at the 3-second point. Google charges you for the click either way effectively doubling your cost per click.

Most large advertisers have addressed this problem by linking their ads to a highly focused, very fast, AMP landing pages. AMP, created by Google, offers the ultimate in high-speed landing pages. As an added bonus it will substantially affect your direct cost per click by boosting your landing page quality score used in the Ad pricing algorithm. Validated AMP pages are also eligible for instant delivery, directly from the Google AMP cache on organic searches.

Frank Holt, managing member
Alpha Group Software LLC
(775) 574-8298
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