Why do I need landing pages?
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Unlike your website, which tells your company's complete story, a landing page delivers a singular, focused "what's in it for me" message,  with a clear call to action, to potential customers for your product or service.

How do you use landing pages?

The most common use is associated with paid advertising. If you are running an ad promoting 20% off on blue widgets, it wouldn't be very efficient to direct people to the front page of your website and let them find the blue widget sale info on their own. So why a special landing page?  Why not deep link directly into the blue widget info on your regular web site? Well, that would certainly be better than linking to the home page but it's still not good enough.

The majority of your visitors will be using smartphones

Google tells us 53% of mobile device users will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, meaning you just wasted the $2 you paid Google for the click if the user leaves. If only half your visitors make it to your web page that $2 click effectively cost you $4. If your website is one the notoriously slow WordPress websites your effective cost maybe $8.

There are two reasons you need a dedicated landing page

  1.  Deliver your focused message with a clear call to action, without the distractions of your website.
  2. To save money on your pay per click advertising by making every click count. Google AMP pages load almost instantly essentially eliminating the chance a user will abandon the page while it's loading.
Google is spending millions on research to make the web more efficient. At Alpha Group Software we employ the research Google freely shares and incorporate it in the services offered to our clients.
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